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Handmade Phone Grip made with high quality polyester glitter (for extra sparkle

These phone grips are meant to swivel, giving them the option to not only be used as a grip but also put on its side to be used as a phone stand. This is a 3D phone grip therefor, it is thicker than the standard. It measures approx 0.06 inches in width in the closed position and 1.2 inches when opened. 

Custom orders/colors are available upon request. This can be made in ANY combination of colors, if ordering without messaging first please be as specific as possible

Castle/Boarder Color:

Background Color:

Please be specific with colors, I have over 400 choices and want you to get what you want. Like purple? I have dark purple, royal purple, lavender, neon purple, etc! :)


*This is adhered to an actual genuine phone grip inspired by “Pop-sockets” however we do not use a Pop-Socket-Brand attachment. This grip “sticks to most phones, tablets, and cases.” I am not responsible for any damages or malfunctions. I do not make the actual “ pop-out-phone-grip “ it is factory-made and sealed. I do not warrant their craftsmanship, the glue or the function of the actual phone grip attachment, however all aspects (aside from the glue) are tested by me prior to shipping.

********I do not offer swappable pop sockets or pop socket brand grips. Swappable Popsockets were designed to be easily removed for swapping and charging. Although given my findings, in the closed position, they can twist and fall off very easily. After much consideration, I have opted to not offer swappable phone grips.  I only offer the non-swappable option.


It also will not fit in a car holder or work with a cordless charger.

Castle Mouse Ear Phone Grip

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This item is handmade. There may be slight imperfections, excess resin, air bubbles, etc. as these are most often unavoidable. Each item may vary slightly.


    - wipe with a damp cloth
    - avoid prolonged exposure to water and heat

    - while sturdy, acrylic may chip or break if banged against a hard surface

    -As with most things in life, if you drop it, it is possible it may scratch or break.


    This item is made to order. Standard shop turn-around-time/policies apply. 

  • All sales are final. Due to the custom-made nature of these items I am unable to accept returns or give refunds. However if your item was damaged in transit or you feel there was an error on my part please contact me within 72 hours of delivery with a photo showing the damage/mistake and I will make it right. 

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