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This listing is for a skinny can holder-style stainless steel tumbler.


Each Tumbler comes with your choice of up to 3 colors. Please be as specific as possible when choosing colors. If you say "blue", and are not specific, I will choose the shade that I best see fit. If you would like a specific one please note it. For example, Light blue, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, etc.


If you would like a design such as tangram, Pendelton, lineman, plaid, diamond etc... please see listings for any of the straight tumblers and select the desired design under add-ons.


Each tumbler is double-wall insulated stainless steel to keep your drinks hot/color for hours. Each tumbler has a push-on, sliding-close lid unless specifically noted to be a screw-top lid in the description. All tumblers with exception of coffee mugs, wine tumblers, and speaker tumblers will include a straw.

Custom Order - Can & Bottle Koozie

PriceFrom $38.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • When properly cared for, epoxy provides a smooth and durable sealant and can last for years to come. They are handmade with love therefore they need to be handled with care. Epoxied tumblers should be treated like glass.  They are not crack-proof and should be treated as such. These tumblers are NOT dishwasher safe or microwave safe. Hand-wash only. To preserve the integrity of the epoxy, do not soak or leave in extreme heat or extreme cold for extended periods of time (ex. in a car or in direct sunlight). Each tumbler will come with care instruction cards inside the box/ or inside the tumbler itself. If all care instructions are not followed the tumbler can be permanently damaged. I am not held responsible for damaged caused to the tumbler once it is in your care. Due to the process involved in these tumblers they are deemed unrepairable. 

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