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A beautiful keychain that can be made in any combination of colors, including glitter and non-glitter options. 


Tassle included. I will always try to make tassle color match the item or its accent color. However, based upon stock at any moment color may vary. If a color different from the item/accent color is requested, please note it in the personalization box and I will attempt to fulfill that request as stock allows. 


Item color will always default as glitter unless "non-glitter" is specified in the personalization box. 

Pitbull Self Defense Keychain

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In some states these are categorized in the same group as brass knuckles. I encourage you to look up your state laws and regulations, I am unable to know these on a state-by-state basis. You as the buyer are responsible for knowing your state laws. We can not be responsible for misuse/ legal troubles associated with your purchase.

    We are only providing a beautiful keychain for our customers.

    This item is handmade.

    There may be slight imperfections, excess resin, air bubbles, etc. as these are most often unavoidable. Each item may vary slightly. Please note that if you choose to have a detail color added, this can make bubbles/imperfections easier to see. I can not be held responsible if this is the case.

    As with most things in life, if you drop it, it is possible it may scratch or break.


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